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SSE Solutions hires employees with passion.  Our employees understand the work we perform contributes to protecting our nation.  Therefore, if we are unable to convince our customers that we clearly understand their problem, we encourage our customers to select another candidate.  In our line of business, we are not only talking about business, we are talking about protecting lives.  We must never forget that we live in this country, our families live in this country, and protecting this country must come before business.

The SSE in SSE Solutions stands for system and software engineering.  We offer an innovative approach to the engineering of complex systems.  As a complement to agile development we replace the traditional requirements documents with high fidelity graphical mock-ups of the system.  The mock-ups include annotations describing the functionality to be performed by each capability.  These annotation serve as testable functional requirements.  The mock-ups replace the boring, endless list of requirements with eye appealing pictures of the system and its desired functionality.

SSE Solutions takes pride in solving our customer's problems; we do not just provide solutions.  This is an important point, because a solution is a temporary resolution, it only treats the symptoms of a problem.  Solving the problem requires a complete understanding of the big picture and the factors contributing to the customer's situation. 

Once the customer is convinced that we understand their problem, we work with the customer to define quantifiable milestones.  These milestones communicate to the customer how we intend to solve their problem and provides the customer with a means for evaluating our progress.